Mango Crush

 Banginapalli Mango is one of he best variety from Andhra Padesh. When I am in fruit shop naturally my eyes stick on this Big Banginapalli Mango Fruit. Normally we will  remove the skin of this fruit and cut it in to small pieces and serve in bowls. Today I tried Crush  with this pulpy big fruit.

  1. Mangoes                     2
  2. Curd(Yogurt)              1 cup
  3. Ice cubes                    1 cup
  4. Water                        1/2 cup
  5. Sugar                         3 table spoons(optional)(Generally these mangoes are too sweet if need add sugar)
  1. Clean Mangoes and slice the either side of the Seed.
  2. Take mixer grinder juicer jar add Mango Slices,Curds, Sugar,water and  blend well for 1 min till juice to become thick and sugar to mix well.
  3. Now add add Ice cubes blend for few min.
  4. Serve chilled Mango Crush in nice Glasses.


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